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ASA! Please provide the textual proofs from the Quran and Hadiths on the subject of Your deceased are delighted when you visit them ?
Assalamu alaikum. Did the Shaykh give any proof for his statement ?
wa alaikum salaam. Shaykh Fawzan does not mention proof here but other scholars have. Shaykhul Islam mentions as proof the Hadith of ibn Abbas from the Prophet peace be upon him: ما من رجل يمر بقبر الرجل كان يعرفه في الدنيا فيسلم عليه إلا رد الله عليه روحه حتى يرد عليه السلام No man passes by a grave of a man he used to know in this world and gives him Salaam except that his soul is returned to him so he can return the Salaam. (ibn Abdul Bar 1/185 from Majmoo Fatawa 304-24) This does not imply that the dead hear, but this is for specific to the Salaam. Likewise Shaykh bin Baz said: If a Muslim is punished in the grave and the Muslims make dua for him, he perceives his punishment being lightened. This is a matter of difference among the scholars past and present with each side having evidence. Shaykh Al Albani is from those opposed to this view. But this is about the deceased being aware of visitors not the deceased hearing the living. May Allah bless you.