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A man will never understand why a woman will become like that..but i will like to know will it be wrong of her to seek a divorce shoukd he take a second wife? After all she is a woman an not all women are made out to handle such situation. Some will become like what is mentioned in the article while some may go paranoid&drown in depression because she agrees to stay with him even though she is hurting very badly. These are women whose hearts are so soft that even to little things will cause them much pain;muchless something as big as her husband taking another.. Will it not be best for her to ask for a divorce inorder to save herself from committing a grave sin, like what the ones in the article?
And then there are the women whose heart are strong and can handle any situation..they wouldn't mine sharing their husband, because of mnay reasons. But like i said not all women is strong in that area and it will be best if they chose to go separate ways in peace than to stay and cause havoc in the marriage and engage in sinful/regretful humiliating acts.
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