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She did out of severe jealousy but what if it isvdone because she fears being treated unjustly after the second comes what if she fears that she may comkit a great sin after a second comss along?not because we do not kbownof any of the women doing this means its exceeding the bounds of supplication. On Allah knows this. We as human see many things as not right etc just because they want to have control but is this the right thing to do? Instead shouldn't we try to look at the situations from both sides and then give an advise?... Yes men are allowed to have many wives so they will never kbow how a woman truly feels. Just put your self in the shoe of a woman just for a day and experince all the things they go thru then tell me what will your reaction be to many situations in which a woman will be blamed and called all kinds of names. It is natural for any woman who truly loves her husband to want to her for herself to want to spend all her days with him until Allah is ready to take her. It is natural for any woman who truly loves her husband to feel hurt when he takes another wife, she has every right to make duas as sees fit and Allah is t he only one who has the right to judge her to know whether she is crossing the line in supplications or not. Of course not everything we amke dua for will be given to us, maybe she is a very good wife an Allah answers such a dua she made or she may be a bad wife so Allah will not give what she ask for but give her something else in return. We dont know on Allah knows..