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Asalamu alaikum rahmatullah I have appreciated the efforts of Sheikh Rabee and the other grand Scholors as long as I have been following the dawah to salafiyyah and I am asking the Sheikh or Sheikhs to pass his opinions on the following. I have noticed some posts by salafi publications that I find to be unusual, Abu Abass has posted a picture of a, according to his words " follower of Ustadh from brixton shaking hands with a Kharijee" naming Abu Haleema and then got into a confrontation where the conversation ended with "Get lost you kharijee dog at least I do not need contract to repent to Allah". Secondly Abu Khadeejah pasted on his website a long statement where in a part of it King Salman wrote "we should do our best to preserve the rights of the people" The comments where "This is an interesting statement even if it is from a Wahhabi" Thirdly I have noticed a book they sell The concise book of Fiqh by Sheikh Zarabozo having narrations of Sa'id Qutb where they have claimed in the past that there books have been checked and authenticated with the scholors permission. Could the Sheikh or Sheikhs please give a feedback Barak Allahu feekum